22+ Amazing Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Yesterday I heard that stores are already running out of the best toys for Christmas. I love to do my shopping early, but not just because they may run out, mostly because I love to find great (unique) things at great prices. My stocking stuffer list isn’t any different. What is different is that my kids rush to make a Christmas list every year – but the stocking leaves lots of room for creativity.

1st Christmas

Christmas Cookies

Candy Bar Christmas Trees

Candy Bouquet

Candy Cane Puzzle

magnetic wristband

Candy ornaments

Christmas Sleighs

drawer storage bins

Cozy Gloves

Cute Santa sleigh made from candy

healthy treats

Dollar Store water bottles and drink mixes

Dr Pepper Reindeer

For Girls

healthy smoothie recipes

Fun Jar

Christmas Cookies

Fun white elephant gift idea

Kid Stocking Stuffers

magnetic wristband


Mini candy sleighs

Pepsi Rudolph

plastic ornaments and then just add small candy

Reeses Bouquet

drawer storage bins

Reeses candy bouquet

Santa Candy sleighs

Santa sleighs

Snowman Soup


healthy treats

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stuffers for Kids

Stuffers under $5

healthy smoothie recipes

Stuffers under $10

Teen Girl Christmas Stocking Stuffers Ideas

magnetic wristband

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