33+ Amazing Christmas Stairway Decor Ideas

With the holidays right around the corner, we plan trips to pick out a Christmas tree, brush the dust off our boxes of ornaments, and purchase wreaths to dress up our front doors. For the die-hard holiday celebrators, going above and beyond traditional decor is a must. And what better place to get creative than the stairs? Look below for our editors’ picks of the best Christmas staircase decorations, and how to make a statement this holiday season.

bannister garland

Christmas Cookies

Beautifu Christmas stairs

Burlap Accents

Fairy Lit Garland 3k

magnetic wristband

Festive Fir Clusters

Fir Gingham Ribbon

drawer storage bins

Fir Wreaths

Fun I never thought of putting it down there

healthy treats

Gifts on stairs to block access during party

Gold ribbon

Ho Ho Blocks

healthy smoothie recipes

Knitted Stockings

Christmas Cookies

ORnament Cluster

Penguins in Snow

magnetic wristband

Poinsttia Garland

Ribbons Berries Fir

Snowman Hat

Strung Baubles

Tartan Bows Ho Ho Ho Marquee Lights

drawer storage bins

The snowflakes and balls are suspended with fishing line at various lengths

Tied stockings to railings with ribbon Hung ornaments on antique picture frames

White Gold Garland

White Bows

Wooden Letters Strung to Garland

healthy treats