20+ St Patricks Day Crafts for Kids to Make

Its nearly March 17th and almost time to rock your home with as St Patricks Day party decorations as you can lay your hands on. What started off as a religious festival in the early 17th century has now evolved into one of the biggest festivals in the world with parades being held in all the biggest cities on earth, from New York to London and Dublin (of course!) to Paris, Madrid, Tokyo and Chicago!


1. M & M Leprechaun Hat
m and m leprechaun hat

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This will be a very popular St Patricks Day decoration and so easy to make the kids can do all the work. You don’t need many supplies for this. You will need a clear plastic tub and dinner size clear plastic plate, a glue gun, black card and a glue gun and best of all lots of green m and m’s. You need to make a black band and gold buckle to decorate the outside of the hat and of course decorating the inside of the hat is the best because you fill it with the m and m’s . Place the place on the upturned hat and just turn it around and that’s it. But don’t expect it to stay like that for too long. Enjoy.


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2. St Patricks Day Painted Stones
st patricks day painted stones

This is a novel idea and you can use any Irish sayings for your decorations. They look terrific on a small dish. You need a selection of rounded stones , acrylic paint in white and black a permanent markers (much easier to use than a brush). Get the kids to help you with this and they can be creative with the designs. You can do the more intricate work. Before you start rinse the stones as they are easier to paint. Cover the stones with the paint and when dry you can use the markers for your St Patricks Day message and you might want to draw some shamrocks etc. Relaxing and fun.


3. Irish Blessings
irish blessings

Everyone needs a St Patrick’s day blessing for the special day. It’s fun and easy to make. You will need a piece of wood or board, nothing special, some green and gold paint and find an irish saying or blessing, there are plenty of them out there. You can paint some shamrocks or a pot of gold and gold coins to decorate the edges. Then get started on your poem. You are not trying to make a work of art so you can enjoy yourself making this.


4. St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Art
st patricks day shamrock art

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This is where you can be really creative with some easily to get supplies. Some card, green acrylic paint and a green marker, a gift bag and some ribbon and an inexpensive picture frame. Instead of a gift bag you can use some card to decorate. Paint a shamrock and using hot glue stick it to a nice gift bag. Tie a ribbon on top and hang it on your door for St Patrick’s Day. You can always use piece of white card. Put some acrylic paint on a saucer and dip your thumb to make the shamrocks. Cover the card with this design and when it is dry put it in a picture frame. This is a great idea for a quick St Patricks Day decoration. Kids will really enjoy this fun project.


5. Shamrock Planter
shamrock planter

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These can be used as table centrepieces or on the window sill. You will need some black and green paint and a selection of decals such as shamrocks, and some paint brushes. Great fun for kids and so easy to make. Cover the outside with black paint. Use a larger brush for this, its quicker. When its dry paint the top edge with green paint (its St Patrick’s day after all) Next comes the decals. Easy. Just put the decals where they look good and there you go. Now you can fill the planters with your favourite candies and enjoy the after dinner.


6. Front Porch Shamrock Decorations
shamrock decor

This is a great way to decorate your front porch for St Patricks Day. You will need a medium to large plant pot, some potting soil and several small green plants, also for fun you can put a leprechaun in the pot with some fun led lights. These items are inexpensive and the kids will enjoy this mini gardening project. Fill the pot with the soil and put the plants in. cover the top with moss and then add the little leprechaun. With the led lights this will look very festive for St Patricks Day.


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7. Rainbow Cheerios
Rainbow Cheerios

This is an easy and fun craft for kids. You will need rainbow coloured craft paper, a piece of card and rainbow cheerios along with some scissors and paper glue. It’s a great way for young children to learn their colours. Draw an outline of a cloud and cut the shape. Cut out strips of craft paper of equal length and glue them along the back edge of the rainbow. You will only use the colors of the cheerios (only 5) and get the kids to sort them out and they will happily glue them along the strips. You can give a hand as the glue dries quickly and the cheerios get eaten along the way. The cheerios rainbow can be hung in the kitchen so the kids can enjoy their work.


8. Pot of Gold Crafts
pot of gold craft

This is an easy and quick decoration to make. With some black craft paper draw an outline of a plate. You will be using three or four . Cut off the top and bottom to make a pot shape. You can use gold foil crumpled and some gold sparkle and glue to top of each pot. Now you just have to glue the pots to each other in a line to make the hanging decoration. With some white chalk the kids can write their wish for the gold and how they will spend it. You can add one of your own too. They can hang this on the fridge for St Paticks Day.


leprechaun wreath



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